Law Office of Kenneth R. Corson III
Licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Attorney Kenneth R. Corson III, is a Maritime Counselor serving the Greater Boston Area. Ken has almost 20 years of municipal and maritime knowledge and experience enabling him to provide high quality representation in many areas such as yacht purchase and sale agreements and coastal permitting of boats and structures.

On top of that, as an Employment and Housing AttorneyKen is a passionate advocate for others, representing clients in a wide range of matters from non-payment of wages to sexual harassment and housing conditions.

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Residential Lease Review

Are you considering renting an apartment? While it’s not necessary to consult an attorney before renting, it can be very helpful if an issue arrises during your tenancy. Understanding your lease agreement and your rights as a tenant in Massachusetts is the first step in a successful tenancy. (more…)

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Small claims court is designed to allow a party to take another party to court without involving an attorney. Many of the court rules are relaxed or designed to enabling the Plaintiff to argue their case and the defendant to defend their case before an assistant clerk or clerk magistrate. Small claims damages are limited… Read More

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In the United States, we follow the American rule of law. This means that every party pays their own legal fees. If you get summoned to court and you hire an attorney, you will have to pay the legal fees.

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You got a “Summon” and a copy of a lawsuit it the mail from a company you never heard of claiming you owe them money. Hmmm, you ponder as you scratch your head, then you remember a credit card debt from years ago that you thought disappeared. It wasn’t this much, what happened!!

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